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Hard Warning

HARD WARNING Many games are fun but its dangerous for kids to make kids and even adults think whats in the game, the world of imagination is real, in the real world, so they... More →

Long Holiday

LONG HOLIDAY For those of you who are going to travel, you need to prepare 3 parts: 1) Security 2) Needs 3) Health All three of these things you need to prepare for what you will... More →

face to face

FACE TO FACE When we need someones help, we make an appointment and meet the key person, we can have brainstorming discussions about our idea idea and if the key person is pleased... More →

Vaccum Cleaner

VACUUM CLEANER We know the function of vacuum cleaner as a cleaner, vacuum cleaner and dirt on the carpet in particular or similar materials also for cleaning in the car. Dirt or... More →

... More →

What Is Success

WHAT IS SUCCESS?Do not break the charcoal in the face of failure because your failure is your best teacher. Failure itself is expensive so do not throw away the lesson. Just any... More →

Monkey Mask

MONKEY MASKMany people seem very friendly to welcome us even as if excessive speech, the question is whats behind the mask of the monkey? Most situations like this will soon end... More →

Confidential Contruction

CONFIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION We know that the power in a building is not what we can see the building but it is on the foundation that sustains it. From there the building experts... More →