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Love Grows

LOVE GROWS Why is a mother doing housework, taking care of her child with joy, not the burden of her love growing. He does not feel used but consciously serves his family for... More →

Still Believe

STILL BELIEVE What about when our physical eyes see the limitations but must still believe God is able to help you. Its not easy for humans, especially if our logic is too... More →


CHANGE Being old is certain. Physical is not like when we are young. Do you still think to be arrogant if it turns out we ourselves will also be a limited person because of age,... More →

Mental Tempe

MENTAL TEMPE Many people give up when their business faces obstacles early in their business. Once there are obstacles to surrender, or two or three times there are obstacles... More →

Live And Know

LIVE AND KNOW I just understand the meaning of nats every trace we will leave the fat. Indeed we must not be lazy to move, occupy and speak the Word of God for every journey of... More →

Making Children Attendance

MAKING CHILDREN ATTENDANCEEvery normal family would miss the presence of the child. The presence of children can indeed be a joy booster atmosphere in the household, but not all... More →

Alive Alive

LIVE LIVEThere are people semberono his life but long lifeThere are people diligent exercise, death is precisely because of sports, age is very short.There are people who... More →

Marketplace And Our Prayers

Lets test our spiritual lives each. If in the last 30 days there is no miracle you experience, that is, your spirit is a sign to a lukewarm husband or even close to spiritual... More →