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Be Patien

BE PATIENT You must learn patiently for the folly of ignorance that occurs around you. How come? Every day you will meet an upsetting event, the more you perfectionist, the... More →


JUST DO ITLots of people are always hesitant in making a decision let alone stepping on something. This characteristic makes it difficult for people to progress. But when we step... More →


NEBUKADNEZAR DREAM Daniel 2: 31-45 (TB) O king, my lord saw a vision, which is a huge statue! This statue is tall, glistening amazingly, erect before my master, and looks... More →


IMPLEMENTATIONJIM ROHN gives a very good quate:You cant hire someone else to exercise for you.In many ways we are the ones who have to work on their own so that we can have... More →

Maximizing Life

MAXIMIZING LIFEWhy do many people not achieve maximum performance in their lives? There are several things we need to evaluate:1) OUR FOCUSThe temptation for us to work out of the... More →

Country Of Carib

COUNTRY OF KARIBThere is no pointless meeting if we respond well and are equally willing to do good and useful work.All humans have the potential and we can still continue to... More →

Hard Warning

HARD WARNING Many games are fun but its dangerous for kids to make kids and even adults think whats in the game, the world of imagination is real, in the real world, so they... More →

Long Holiday

LONG HOLIDAY For those of you who are going to travel, you need to prepare 3 parts: 1) Security 2) Needs 3) Health All three of these things you need to prepare for what you will... More →