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You must learn patiently for the folly of ignorance that occurs around you. How come? Every day you will meet an upsetting event, the more you perfectionist, the greater irritation you experience, the more knowledge you have the more you can become impatient to see the stupidity of ignorance dancing in front of your eyes and nose, but remember that you also will be faced with various people with educational backgrounds and knowledge both logical and illogical, also you will meet many people who are increasingly slow thinking because of age and you will also grow old with time and also become slow. If you rely on all communication, it must run smoothly and hope that everything will happen according to your expectations without encountering various obstacles, ignorance, you will always be carried away by emotion, not infrequently become explosive. So you have to learn self-mastery if you dont want to be a victim of irritation that turns into anger. Tolerate ignorance and irritation around us, especially for a very simple thing it is not necessary to be exaggerated, just understand this might be someones weakness, let your surroundings be different from you , You dont need to be bothered by it, let alone impose your trust. Make this complicated life more simple, not behind simple ignorance and irritation into complex emotions, accumulating every day into hatred, hypertension and stroke, which is your own loss because you are too perfectionist . Achieve life like this.

Patience and self-mastery are the fruit of the spirit that we must produce, the goal is that we have peace (Shalom) in all aspects of our lives, even we can still share the shalom to our environment to correct the stupidity of ignorance that happens, not vice versa to be a victim stupidity of ignorance.

Sometimes life struggles feel so heavy, as if the problem comes to nothing. Complaining or vice versa we give thanks?

An athlete will be stronger and more energetic if he practices harder. If an athlete fights like boxing, he needs to find a strong sparring partner, the more resilient, the training session will be harder and harder but when the athlete is able to conquer it, the athletes skills and stamina are honed, so that when he is truly in the ring to win his belt , he is really ready, not easily oversized against the champion because his stamina, technique and mentality have been formed. So when we are in a struggle, dont complain because complaints will weaken our struggle and defuse our energy.

Make lifes problems shape our lives even more noble like gold, diamonds, pearls are also shaped like expensive aloes and fragrant.

The life process cannot be represented by others like birth, marriage and death cannot be represented, we ourselves must face personal for personal reasons. When people face critical hour of death, all vanity, arrogance and arrogance are lost all that is is that believers are ready with a heart that longs for their new home full of happiness and joy but if unbelievers will experience extraordinary fear of not having guarentee if his life will be saved even if based on the law of sin then all humans have sinned and are in line to receive eternal punishment, will face eternal damnation. If this person remains hardened, does not want to repent accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior then he will experience eternal destruction and death.

Immediately repent and confess humbly that you need repentance, humble yourself under the hands of a strong God, because no human being in this world can survive because of his good strength and deeds, because often good deeds occur not because of your sincere worship but because you want to get social status, flattery is appreciated, meaning that the person has stolen Gods glory so that there will be no more wages from goodness and charity. Your goodness and charity should be to glorify the name of God so that everyone who receives it admires the goodness of God is not your kindness as a giver. If you need your name you dont need to know, where the glory of God is truly revealed through you.

Lets take advantage of the hour, your last minute not by once again making the useless things that you have done all your life that you stand for and that will soon be futile and no one can justify you before His Holy thr The most difficult life process that God often uses to bring us up is like gold, pure diamonds or pearls, beautiful or fragrant aloes. Even the gaharu tree whose roots have been decomposed by bacteria are even hundreds of years old, giving off a fantastic fragrant odor that has a very very expensive price. The longer, the weight of the process faced makes gold, diamonds, and aloes become valuable objects. Likewise, our lives are undergoing a heavy process and we do not deny God as our helper, we can certainly appear like this noble thing. When a winner, a person who wins in his life struggle, when he speaks, his words are full of power and build because it is a life experience, he is not only a theorist, but has proven that his life has never been abandoned by God, in the difficulties of the Lord Jesus present as a good shepherd.
When facing the process, life learns through rilex and the activation of your faith belief The plants that we plant, will live in process, we do not need to take care of day and night, we just care diligently and sleep waiting for the time to bear fruit. The plant will not bear fruit if it is not time, so be patient. The continued attitude of giving more thanksgiving and confess to the Word of God will greatly help us create during the waiting period. Bring your heart together, put your mind together, equate the frequency with the Kingdom of Heaven so that you enter the perfect plan of God.

Recently, I found many people with healthy lifestyles, eating healthy but still having a sudden stroke even though they were young because their lives were full of stress or due to accumulated stress. Stress is the most dangerous and cruel killer. How to anticipate stress even though the pressure of life comes in repeatedly? Live close to God, build an altar, recognize Gods Word, many prayers. Lord Jesus the vine, we forbid it so we will bear fruit as long as we live attached to the vine. If our lifestyle is healthy, eating, sports, prayer, reading the Word, Im sure stress, depression will stay away from our lives, worry no more, we will escape a terrible stroke ....
Learn from today for you to understand and not be easily reactive to the weaknesses of your spouse, your siblings, your parents, our children and when you face the life process face it as a knight do not run away, but ask for Gods strength to bear it.

Strengthen and strengthen your heart because with strength and determination you can win your life. Your responsibility cannot be represented by anyone, you are the one who has to bear it as someone who has baliq

EPA 09/23/2018

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