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Lots of people are always hesitant in making a decision let alone stepping on something. This characteristic makes it difficult for people to progress. But when we step our feet in the first step then we will also continue to the second, third step and so on until we are able to achieve our goals.

There is a price in that first step, there are consequences. But behind the consequences there is a big responsibility for us to work more seriously. When we do all that our views and thoughts are broader. Knowledge increases and all connectivity begins to meet and connect. Everything we have never seen is never even thought of before so we see and understand and we will know better our next steps and directions.

When we first learn to drive a car, we are tense and drive very carefully. At that time most cars were still manual. Still dead from the engine and wrong in passing gears. When we hit parking time, we are very shocked and scared. Now that we as parents, allow your children to make mistakes they dont need to be scolded when our car is hit when used to learn parking. All lessons have a price to pay. If its because of crashing and then you are angry and forbid your child to learn to drive, Im afraid your child will no longer want to learn, afraid to make mistakes.
 In front of the father the child must not be guilty.

Learning in life is not always fast but more requires a long time. Need perseverance and patience. Diligently train until we truly become proficient people and then success will come to our lives. I illustrate sprinter and marathon runners. Both are the same as the race but have different winning techniques. Sprint runners may not be strong at Marathon as well as vice versa. Each requires diligent practice. Engineering and stamina training. Sprinters train speed within 100-200 meters. While a marathon runner does not need a sprint in the first minute, he only needs to keep his position close to the person who is the most powerful and only 200 M last time he will sprint with all the rest of his energy. If a marathon runner sprints in his first 200 M, he will run out of breath and can fail to complete the match.

End of my word support you Indonesian contingent sportsmen to bring the fragrance of Indonesias name not only in the eyes of Asia but also in the eyes of the world.
Good luck playing games and be more than just winning.

EPA 08/08/2018.

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