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Daniel 2: 31-45 (TB) O king, my lord saw a vision, which is a huge statue! This statue is tall, glistening amazingly, erect before my master, and looks awesome.
As for the statue, its head was of dark gold, its chest and arms were of silver, its belly and waist were of copper,
the thigh is iron with his feet part of iron and some of clay.
While my master saw it, tipped off a stone without the actions of a human hand, then struck the statue, right on its iron and clay foot, so it crumbled.
Then the iron, the clay, the copper, the silver and the gold were broken together, and they became like chaff in the summer threshing floor, and the wind blew them away, so that no marks were found. But the stone that struck the statue became a large mountain that filled the entire earth.
That is my masters dream, and now we will say the meaning to my lord the king:
O my lord the king, king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given kingdom, power, strength and glory,
He handed over the sons of men in his hand, wherever they were, the animals in the field, and the birds in the air, and he made power over them - you are the head of the gold.
But after my master will emerge another kingdom, less than the kingdom of my lord; then a kingdom again, that is, a third, of copper, which will rule over all the earth.
After that there will be a fourth kingdom, which is hard as iron, just like iron that crushes and destroys everything; and as iron destroys it, this kingdom will crush and destroy all of it.
And as your master saw his feet and his fingers partly from clay pottery and partly from iron, that means that the kingdom was divided; indeed the kingdom is also hard like iron, according to what my lord sees iron mixed with clay.
But as the toes are partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom will be partly hard and partially fragile.
Like my master saw iron mixed with clay, that means: they will mix by marriage, but it will not be a unity, like iron cannot mix with clay. But in the days of kings, the God of the heavens will establish a kingdom that will not perish forever, and power will no longer turn to other nations: the kingdom will crush all kingdoms and finish it, but the kingdom itself will remain for as long the word,
just as my lord saw, that without the action of the human hand a stone was lifted out of the mountain and crushed the iron, copper, clay, silver and gold. The great God has told my lord what will happen later; the dream is true and its meaning can be trusted. "
Starting with the Monarchic system, the power of a king was so great and many great king kings like David, Solomon and Nebuchadnezzar were recorded as powerful as gold.
After the great king of kings continued to the smaller king of kings. Many small, small kingdoms that have existed on this earth, are symbolized as silver. They wore silver armor that covered their chests while fighting.
After that came the age of Imperialism to control the whole world to meet the needs of their stomachs. They fought with copper to control the earth, they made gun guns, grenades and copper bullets to defeat and colonize weaker countries.
To drive out the invaders, the authoritarian leaders rose like iron, hard. They apart from pressing inward also. The glory of iron is much lower than gold, silver and copper, but its hardness is more than the three precious metals, even iron is not a precious metal. The leader who leads a lot is not from the family of the king of the king or nobility but from ordinary people who are tough fighters who usually have services or claim themselves to be instrumental in the struggle of the people.
Because the power and violence of the authoritarian attitude is considered too big and dangerous, the people take the initiative to weaken the authoritarian power so that the democratic system is blown. The democratic system even though iron is strong because it is directly chosen by the majority of the people but there is a 50% clay element which weakens the strength of the iron so that it is weak in the legs and fingers. It is precisely this system that is currently considered the best in the world. Is that right? This is a system that is made by humans, it actually provokes turmoil everywhere because everyone has the right to speak out and as a result many people who are not right the way overturns the situation in order to achieve power. It turns out that the man-made system is still very much weak. Because of human pride, they began to build their own Babylon. God saw it must be sad. Then at the end of time, God will destroy all the systems of government that exist in this world by throwing cornerstones that knock down the magnificent statue that is in King Nebuchadnezzars dream. Kingdom of 2000 years of peace. There are no more wars, no sins, jealousy, hatred and anger. Heaven and earth that do not know suffering, in it the Lamb of God will rule as Queen of Justice along with His chosen people who have prepared themselves. Those who never prepare themselves never dream of commanding bersama sama Anak Domba Allah. Tidak ada alasan sedikitpun mengangkat pejabat yang tidak performance di dunia ini apalagi di langit dan bumi yang baru syaratnya jauh lebih tinggi dari yang dunia berikan.

Dari pihak Tuhan akan tiba waktunya bukan hasil usaha manusia akan tiba Kerajaan 1000 tahun damai.

Matius 21:42-43 (TB) 

42) Kata Yesus kepada mereka: "Belum pernahkah kamu baca dalam Kitab Suci: Batu yang dibuang oleh tukang-tukang bangunan telah menjadi batu penjuru: hal itu terjadi dari pihak Tuhan, suatu perbuatan ajaib di mata kita.

43) Sebab itu, Aku berkata kepadamu, bahwa Kerajaan Allah akan diambil dari padamu dan akan diberikan kepada suatu bangsa yang akan menghasilkan buah Kerajaan itu.

Ingat ayat 43 ingat pekerja yang mengubur talentanya, dia pikir itu melakukan kebaikan karena dia tidak curi untuk kepentingan sendiri talentanya. Padahal sang Tuan bukan saja memerintahkan menyimpan untuk tidak hilang tapi harus diusahakan, diinvestasikan agar menghasilkan lebih banyak. Tetapi hamba yang tidak setia ini tidak melakukan karena dia terlalu sibuk urusan sendiri. Akan tiba waktu pertanggungjawaban itu dan hamba yang tidak setia itu menyesal dan terlambat. Talenta itu diambil dan diberikan kepada hamba yang paling setia melipatgandakan talenta. Dan setiap talenta berbicara 1 kota pemerintahan. Jadi pemilik 5 talenta mendapatkan keuntungan 5 talenta dan ditambah 1 talenta menjadi 11 talenta. Dia berhak memeri tah atas 11 kota. Wouw pewahyuan ini dahsyat sekali.

Tuhan Yesus akan datang memerintah atas bumi ini bersama sama dengan suatu bangsa yang menghasilkan buah Kerajaan itu. Miliki buah dari hasil pertobatanmu.

Daniel 2:45 (TB)  tepat seperti yang tuanku lihat, bahwa tanpa perbuatan tangan manusia sebuah batu terungkit lepas dari gunung dan meremukkan besi, tembaga, tanah liat, perak dan emas itu. Allah yang maha besar telah memberitahukan kepada tuanku raja apa yang akan terjadi di kemudian hari; mimpi itu adalah benar dan maknanya dapat dipercayai."

Mimpi itu benar dan maknanya bisa dipercaya. Batu penjuru itu akan menjadi gunung kemuliaan Allah yang memunahkan segala kemuliaan yang pernah  ada di bumi ini bagaikan sekam yang tertiup  angin.

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