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Many games are fun but its dangerous for kids to make kids and even adults think whats in the game, the world of imagination is real, in the real world, so they really want to play more exciting again in the real world. This is very dangerous, can be people around him are considered enemies ..

The majority of games are violence and extortion. If you are not hard then you are blackmailed, your bonus will be exhausted and you are defeated, so you have to be harder to get into a higher level.

Unconsciously violent games, shoot or hit or similar, affect their character so much firing takes place in America because they think this reality is the same as that in the game, just a game .. Really the game makes a mess in many ways. Many children are not concerned with the affairs of the surroundings and even the affairs of themselves are not taken care of just because drowning in the game game, not infrequently they become rude and even rude due to the game. They become asocial.

Another form of racing car / motorcycle / truck racing game kebutan and crash, so they think fun too if in reality speeding with real cars and nabrak.mereka think this game is very exciting, they want to see the impact of what sedahsyat and they do accident crazy trial brutally. In game they nabrak have no fatal effect because they can re-compete and the car remains intact, in the world of reality they are surprised after doing, then they realize that this is different from that in the game. There are also games that give prizes of prostitution, it is terrible that this is brought to the real world, the morale of our young generation is destroyed since they were young.

Not to mention they introduce our children to the world of drugs, mafia and terrorists. Its true that games are used to create massive generation of schizophrenia.

Parents should take the time to correct the existing distortions and draw them back to the real world, they must be serious about their lives, they have much to learn and practice to adept at playing this life right not like when they play the game.

There is good writing from dr. Luqman Hasan on Kompasiana on 22/4/2014 on Schizophrenia. mind-self_54f78c62a3331159778b4643

Schizophrenia: When A Person Live In Reality and His Own Thoughts

What if a person lives in two worlds? The first world is the realm of reality in which it really stands, and the other is a world made on the basis of its nature. Such life can occur in psychotic psychotic disorders, and from the various psychotic disorders that exist, schizophrenia is the most.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by distortion of reality, disorganization, and psychomotor disorders. The schizophrenic can not distinguish him from living in reality or in his own (autistic) mind. This disease is chronic, often relapses, and leads to a decrease in the function of the longer the more severe when not getting medical help will be fatal. Not only cognition, in people with schizophrenia aspects of emotion, perception and behavior are also disturbed. Statistically, schizophrenia is experienced by 1 in 100 of the worlds population, and is a major psychiatric disorder requiring hospitalization. The tragedy of Newtown shook the world. Adam Lanza (20 years old) who shot dead her mother before blindly apprenticed her pupils at Sandy Hook primary school, Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Victims lie dead. The local police said 28 people were killed and many were injured at the hands of Lanza, including mothers and Adam Lanza himself committed suicide. Most of the victims were elementary school students aged 5 years - 10 years. The number is 20 people. This is a moral tragedy, how an ordinary teenager can get out of control and become a cold-blooded killer. Was this the result of Adam Lanza being jealous of little children because the attention Nancy Lanza gave as a kindergarten teacher made Adam jealous? And Adam saw an opportunity to vent his annoyance because Nancy Lanza is also a gun collector. Adam thought his imaginary world was the real world, all the weaponry was available as a game tool. All this must be a trigger, this generation has experienced a lot of moral degradation, parents are too busy with his world so that children grow up with a terrible environment. Lack of love, movies and games that are so damaging to morale are everywhere, they imitate actors in the movies and games. teenagers who are looking for their identity make themselves one of the characters in the film, unfortunately the example is a bad character. They get free lessons on how to be so wicked and cruel to become famous all over the world, unfortunately famous for bad things.
Earlier shooting incidents also occurred while audiences were lining up the premiere of Batmans The Dark Knight Rises in a theaters in Denver, Colorado, USA. Me and my son had time to watch this movie and I regret watching, because this movie because it is very sadistic, I just see it very horrified at the abominations committed in this film, the culprit dub himself as The Joker, James Homes a sadistic act is considered a joke , fun, very horrible. Perpetrators wearing antigas masks, threw tear gas grenades and then fired blindly into crowds at a cinema in one of the malls in Aurora, a suburb of Denver. Lets learn from this tragedy in Newtown and Denver, the moral tragedy of the world and we begin to take part. Do not just handed over to the wife but the husband should also take part because the children always imitate what his father did, give them a true example. Having a child is easy, educating a moral child needs our sacrifice. the greater our sacrifice, the more powerful the generation we form, that is how the parents create the master of life. Whether we want to live in peace and joy, there is no other way than to educate our children. How to educate him? There is a sacrifice from the parents, if necessary the wife does not have to work, to specifically make children become successful. Do not you think with the pursuit of money alone happiness in the can. If morality is not right children will also be a disaster. If we produce a generation that is not ready to face the challenges of its time, meaning we are sowing the seeds of the monster in our children. They are not ready to compete in his day, but the competition is getting tighter. their generation will be mastered by people who are optimistic, master the technology and innovative and creative. Do not forbid children to play games but remind them all to do with responsibility and in control, know the right time to play. When in the control and choice of positive games, it does not matter and either build the creativity of the child.
Perhaps you can afford to send your child to the best school, you can afford to buy earthly knowledge very expensive. They are smart but to whom they are smart? If you do not know the answer you include careless parents. I illustrate you like buying your child a car but not giving the keys and equip with the knowledge of the correct driving, as well as the drivers license. this is very dangerous, because young people with young souls can easily get out of control. You still have to put the bridle in your child, so your child understands all in this world there are rules of the game, who master and understand the rules of the game will be the winner of life. Wild and wild horses can be controlled by exercise and bridle. You must bring your child has a spirit of fear of God, love of family and country of NKRI. The lesson of terrorist cadre is to deliberately create / indoctrinate people to become schizophrenia. Given the promise of a tantalizing promise when its all a big lie, be careful. Where does anybody make sadism get paid? Cain alone when killing Abel became a man rerkutuk, even tanahpun also condemned the life of Cain. Terrible, meaning that Cain planted anything with the best seed will fail or produce very little. Cain can still live alone it is Gods mercy. If menurit dr. Luqman Hasan Schizophrenia sufferers 1% if the population of Indonesia 262.000.000 (data th 2017) means there is a potential of Schizophrenia affected by a number of 2.620.000 soul is natural. It will grow faster if it is programmed for criminal purposes. Need for correction of distortion as a healing education. Mass media (television, youtuber, internet) also medsos lets also participate actively voicing the need for Indonesian politics cleaned from Schizophrenia patients with educational education about the dangers of schizophrenia in a massive. Do not stay silent watching NKRI undermined by the traitors of the nation. Do not make the struggle of the heroes of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia destroyed by Schizophrenia figures. NKRI belongs Bandung to me and yours must be kept with great vigilance.   
EPA 12/6/2018

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