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Long Holiday

For those of you who are going to travel, you need to prepare 3 parts:
1) Security
2) Needs
3) Health
All three of these things you need to prepare for what you will leave and what you will bring.
For which you will leave
1) Security
Many fires occur when the house is empty.
Make sure all electrical connections are off in off. HP Charger that is not unplugged from the stop contact often becomes a fire trigger, especially if the connection is loose will cause heat and burn.
LPG gas avoids leaking the hose. It may be a small leak and is not visible or almost odorless but if it continues to aging it will be very dangerous in case of electric short circuit.
A fridge if you go more than 3 days is better emptied and turned off. Its also your chance to clean the sides of the refrigerator and dispose of unused and expired items.
Do not forget to tell the security how long you will stay to be helped maintain better.
2) Needs
If you have a pet you need to leave. Aquarium and so on. There was the incident of the dog died his 9-day dive was not enough food to hold the hungry dog during that, returning from the employers vacation in the pet dog meal to death pathetic. Tame dogs because of hunger to be savage.
3) Health
Trash and food scraps must be absent because mice can get angry when they do not find food. Maybe you will laugh at saying my house is not no mouse. Not necessarily a very clever rat in hiding. Close all holes that allow rats to enter or climb.
For the purpose we go:
1) Security
Make sure the vehicle we use in good condition, servicelah first. If you do not use a vehicle, make sure everything that concerns your security, ticket, passport, HP charger all have been carried away.
2) Needs
Make sure all the needs of family members no one left behind. Make checklist for everything. Special attention needs for young children and parents.
3) Health
Medicines, vitamins, insurance cards and so on do not lag.
Pray, ask for joy and refuge in God.
Do not be too sad or too happy. Keep your hearts. Enjoy a holiday with a reasonable do not like drunk people, thankful ...
There are times when we have to work hard but there are times when we should also take a vacation, relieve fatigue and stress, make the best time (golden moment) improve the quality of communication and togetherness in the family.
Continue to pray for the struggle of the nation and the nation for the Unitary Republic of Indonesia remains glorious and give sympathy, say if necessary food to the TNI and Police who work extra for todays day. And do not forget to bersilahturahmi by saying Lebaran to relatives, friends, friends we are celebrating.
Have a nice holiday.

EPA 6/6/18
Libur Panjang

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