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Mental Tempe


Many people give up when their business faces obstacles early in their business. Once there are obstacles to surrender, or two or three times there are obstacles to surrender. This is what we often call mental tempe. Maybe you often membully people with mental tempe but you do not realize that you yourself also still have mental tempe in the field of other fields.
A businessman of my friend several times experienced a mistake in running a new business and also it makes him forced to pay the cost of losses. When I ask how it is calculated. He said its okay sir Paul, suppose this is the cost of learning. Khan business is still long and still has a lot of chances to succeed. So its a bit of a loss compared to the business opportunities Ill get in the future. This is the true entrepreneurs mentality, not thinking ahead in the future but he is preparing, building, organizing infrastructure for his success in the future.
My child has a file can not open on my computer and immediately give up. Im afraid this picture of the Millenial generation which, when a bit of an obstacle soon surrenders, can not. If the picture looks like this is terrible. Unlike my experience, armed with my limited computer knowledge, is not as sophisticated as my child, but when I am experiencing obstacles in the first way, I will try to use alternatives 2, 3, 4 and so on until it succeeds and has to succeed. I will never stop my step until I can finish the task. If necessary I ask mbah google or friends who better understand to teach me. Why not? Why are you quiet? In the dictionary of my life, the word surrender is not there. Better to lose or fail after trying. Give up taboo for me.
There was a story when the students overnight failed to catch fish.
Luke 5: 5
Simon replied: "Master, we have been working hard all night and we have not caught anything, but because you told him I will cast a net too."

The students have worked hard with their experience, skill and energy resources overnight and failed. His experience for so many years became a fisherman unable to help them catch fish. Until the fate of theirs that night. Are the disciples despairing? If you see Simons statement, "They give up". But their encounter with Jesus made the mood change.
They obey the commands of the Lord Jesus and they succeed. Not just successful but the category is very successful.
Learn in this life to obey Gods command. Run the Word of God because then God made our journey successful. Our encounter with Jesus and His Word will make our mouths and hearts confess "Lord Jesus is awesome!"

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