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I just understand the meaning of nats every trace we will leave the fat. Indeed we must not be lazy to move, occupy and speak the Word of God for every journey of our business, that is the way we are blessed, that fat fat is left behind in our every trace. Travel? Yes it is a real journey ..... the land that you live will be yours .... it does not mean we have to buy all the land but there is influence or fruit of the land that we live it from which we have and will do. How is it possible to do already produce fruit? Yeah! Why not? God has a magical way that can be given to us in Gods way. Our origin has been lived and declared and it becomes like a call for the region, as there is a magnet that we attach because the Word of God we believe has worked. I see the pattern of God working like that. Suddenly from the area I want to get, there are people who are connected who never thought before and like that is the pattern / way God opens our way. Just keep telling your dream dream, do not be afraid to dream big and even dream very big also walk with strong and stead our way. Noah alone when building an ark in ketawain the inhabitants of the country, but Noah just believed that God was the one who ruled him make the ark.
As we speak the Word of God let us also ask the Holy Spirit to help us, to gain the Word that becomes rhema for our actions. Do not be surprised if Tuhàn can move people there are people who even we never know and we do not expect in an area suddenly contact us or have our relatives suddenly remember our words then we are introduced to the right people who need goods that is business us and there was an incredible deal. Well thats just a little incident that may happen because we are not lazy to say. And there are many more wonderful things that can happen in our efforts if we continue to live the city and speak the Word of God.
There are online media that promo big advertisement of todays day write slogan "Start first wrote". Start learning guitar, start open business, start trying to cook and so on. I strongly agree, because people who are a lot of consideration and do not start are just people who are good at discourse and will never succeed, too many fears overwhelm their thoughts and judgments when not necessarily happen. Unlike the one who started first, he was able to recognize the constraints of the existing obstacles and he would definitely fight for the constraint to be overcome instead of giving up. So the spirit fighter will appear when we start. Every difficulty that exists is training for us to become stronger.
Some people will membullymu arrogant, know it because they have not disclosed this truth but God sees it as a seed of faith. There is no seed that remains as the seed that dies when the seed has been sown, there is a change in the seeds self, there begins a life that grows, there is creation. This secret in the seed, very powerful. The more the Holy Spirit will open our knowledge of the seeds we sow because life begins to grow moment by moment. Fruiting? Yes in season. Giat is not just sowing seeds

but also watering, cultivating and even preventing pests from getting bored bored say the Word of victory, the Word of creation, the Word that bless the city town where we want to plant our business .... May all your seeds not return in vain ... So do not be lazy just in the office alone, go out, live in your area and declare that this is the territory that we will take over. By living it you will also meet with people who can help you, you recognize the constraints of the existing constraints and you can find solutions of remarkable solutions.
If we learn, the seeds can indeed grow in the media whose name is the land. It turns out the Word of God also suppose the seeds are sown. Remember Gods Word says the seed sown is not planted. There is a big difference in sowing and planting. Planting requires effort and rules and calculations whereas sowing is only spreading, even the wind can carry this seed flying anywhere. The fall is irregular, as it is the one who speaks the Word of God for an invisible faith, but the seed of the Word begins to live and work. There is a rocky ground, there is a thorny ground, there is a dirt road, but there is also a fertile land. What does Jesus say about the fertile land? Those who hear the Word and do it. That is the fertile ground. So start your area diligently, visit your customer and prospect diligently, it will open the main road. Potential potential that you have not seen with you through it will you see and take. Our minds will open with lots and lots of things when weve started to live the land we want our business to be.
Isaiah 45: 8 O sky, drown out judgment from above, and let the clouds pour it out. Let the earth open and give salvation, and good justice is to grow! I am the LORD who created all these things. "
Psalm 126: 5
Those who sow with tears will reap with joy.
EPA 08-03-2018


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