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Making Children Attendance

Every normal family would miss the presence of the child. The presence of children can indeed be a joy booster atmosphere in the household, but not all families can enjoy this atmosphere. Many families struggle to get offspring. We have experienced for almost 7 years without children. My wife is very fond of children so this atmosphere makes her heart sad prolonged. Until each churchs delivery schedule, we do not go to church but walk out of town, because if forced to church, the return can be angry unruly. How about me, I also want to have children but my attitude is more resigned, God love ya praise God not also remain grateful, it seems my reason is very spiritual, but wrong. My freqwency and wife in de agreement have not been de same. Approximately late 1999 or early 2000 the sudden desire to have my child turn into faith, not even ordinary faith, I feel there is a gift of faith so I am sure I can get a child with this gift. I find this nats to be a rhema for me:
Matthew 7: 7-11 (TB)
7) "Ask, it shall be given unto you: seek, and ye shall obtain: knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.
8) For every one who asks receives, and every one who seeks finds, and every one that knocks, for him the door is opened.
9) Did any one of you give his son a stone when he asked for bread,
10) or give a snake, if he asks for a fish?
11) So if you evil know to give good gifts to your children, let alone your Father who is in heaven! He will give good to those who ask Him. "

So I suddenly had the gift of faith so strong, I asked to seek and tap pro actively. From my wake I said "Son of God" and I went to the bathroom, "Son of God", out of the bathroom "Son of God", ate "Son of God", finished eating "Son of God", going to the "Son of God" office, journey to the office of the "Son of God", until the "Son of God" office, entering the "Son of God" office, begins the "Son of God" work to end the "Son of God" job .... Continue until I want to sleep again I say "Son of God" . I do not know how many thousand times the word "Son of God" I say in a day, even in sleep it seems like this word automatically spoken "Son of God". This habit I do for 3 months without stopping.
This is the way to knock on the door of Heaven, endlessly. We have asked, to seek (attempt) and knock. If you ask only once and you do not get then disappointed, this childhood faith. Do not be afraid God is angry with your request. Matthew 7: 11B He will give good to those who ask Him. "This is Jesus Himself who taught the principle of asking, seeking and tapping, I am sure this principle applies not only to the childs request, but for whatever our struggle in marketplace.When husband and wife have agreed in asking, seek and knock, whatever the deal will happen.
After 3 months I prayed my wife was late her menstruation, about 1 month, but she did not dare to check, afraid to be disappointed again, she requested 2 weeks back, after 2 weeks, he requested a rewind time of 2 weeks, so he was late about 2 months, but he interest back two weeks, but I said "No, check now!" It turns out that pregnant positive. When I arrived I became speechless, like a mute, I gave him a token of thanks, after Amien, I was able to talk again and from then on I did not pray "Son of God", automatically stopped without realizing it too, is it possible to be silent for a moment God made it possible to lift my blessing "Son of God?" Possibly, too, because suddenly my subconscious instantly did not utter it. God is awesome. Remember to ask, find, tap pro actively until we get it. How long, stemming the gift of faith and the working Word of God, allow God to give that gift to you, for the Word of God says pursue ....
1 Corinthians 14: 1 (CAV) Pursue that love and find yourself gifts of the Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy.

So what about the advice for the first 2-3 years of marriage do not always have children until you are ready secra economy? Also so you have lots of time alone together first? I think this advice is not wise, if God nkasih children in the first year of your marriage, it is a gift, do not be rejected, because one of the goals of the family is to have offspring. And every child of our children, I believe God not only gives children but will open fortune for us to raise them too, believe and act in the name of Jesus.
EPA 06-03-2018

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