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Do Not Forget

This human being is a creature of forgiveness.Barubicarasajabisalupa, apalagikalausudah
a month, 2bulanataubeberahun tahun, pastilebihlagilupanya.TuhanYesuspernah
There are many people who are healed. "The people healed but turned back
Yesushanya1orang.PadahalYesusmemerintahmerekapergikeimam imam, but yang
ReturnedYesus is not yet a sampe of the ammunition, but theSamarians are elected to returnJesus
to give thanks and to glorify God. Jesus asks the Samaritansgtelahirah
this, where are the others? Why only a returning person. And Jesus is not
asking if he had met the priest Imam?
Jesus is the big gun.YàangkangkustaygsudahtahiritubenarbenarsudahemuMam
GreatJesusyg redeemed the disease with his own blood.
When people are in trouble they ask for help, memohondo begs
strength, support.Kalaukitatatpermelakukanperolyankongini, many akhirakhirnya right
you can not get back up, but you can not help you very much at the moment.
Never in our lifes journey, we are right against the crisis of the economy
seriously, until the day of his death, he was blessed to be a gentleman, "Bibimaaf,
we are not able to pay BibijadikamintaBibicarikandanempatlainsaja ".Bibitukanguci
we won thee and said: "My troubles stopped me,
terminatefreefootsfreehostsyoubaselainsthealth.Its small
to have the likes of the body of the present day and the Seeds,
we are true to the family.Our family is very fond of love, even some
our healthcare facilities are given for their exorbitant fidelity.
as little as possible, not to be ignored, keep giving thanks for thanks.
Being linked to only a limited number of tasks, should still be deeply touched
Again, the relationship is a special one.
Psalm 103: 2 Praise the LORD, my soul, and do not forget his deeds!
The psalmist reminds us for the testimony always in the mouth and the heart, do not
forget the Lords grace. Whenever we find a good God, so many of our books
need to take note of it, because every item of the world is good for love
our lifetime, but how much time is there for the glory of God?

in health, when our journeys are protected, when we are spared from mankind and
chaos? Have a mouth and a little bit be thankful or see to you
goodness of God? Few must be changed and belief to be good for God
seangakitajugatidakbolehmelupakannya.Orangygmengantungkekuatandan mind
personally refuses to acknowledge the division of Gods protection.Soaukasihkontohberapa
people who suddenly matihanya because slipped in his home? How many people should be
in many cases the accidents are small or in the name of the environment of deafness, deafness
because of the insects. How many people are sleeping with the fall of their home?
earthquake.Berapajutaorangmatikarenapesawatunyaataapapalataendendanan experienced
accidents.And still a lotlagimusibahmusibahygtidakdugaygbisasajamenimpa
Always.On the end of the end of many crimes, the people are good
Well, as a result of the hearing, it is said that the name of the victims of the scapegoat is sadistic.
the book by the good guidance of the good is the protection of God.
Many people are helped and forget the basics.
Nor are many people only tobacco-polluting people to help them,
fitnahkejam justrumenyebarkemanamana.
The time has not succeededbecome goodbecause wheneverhas been unsuccessfull,
adaygmajarajarkanmakadiapakan success of this sunset.
Remembering the good of the Lord and the things that matter, do not know to be ignorant
thanking.Belajraining the sacrifice of othersof his beloved, and do not repay
God also shows how important it is to remember what God has done
do not be a creature of God. God made the tradi- tion.
Exodus 13: 6-8 (NLT) Eat the breadth of the sevenhouses and the suns
the seventh birthday for the Lord.
Unbreakable bread must last for a day of the day;
may be seen by you, even if you can not see it in your entire region.
At the same time it is necessary to declare the situation of boys: This worship is remembered
whatsoever is made THOUSANDScoveredwheneversoeversoeverfrom Egypt.
How important it is to remember, to say and to bless our good Lord
see the following command:
Deuteronomy 6: 3-12 (NLT) Hear, O Israel! Do ye faithfully, that both

your circumstances, and the eunuchs are very much, as promised by the LORD, God
your ancestors, unto them a country abundant in abundance.
Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD!
Love the LORD your God, with all his heart and with all the arm and arm
all your strength.
The Messenger of God has commanded the sun to be taken care of,
it must be taught to repeat the children and talk about them
if you are in your home, if you are on a journey, if you are
lying down and when waking up.
It must also be that the bonds of the future should come first
the emblem of your devotion,
and it is necessary to write it down to the doorstep of your doorstep.
So then the LORD your God has brought him into the land of his promised land
by an oath to your forefathers, that is, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for
give it to you-good cities and cities, which are not established;
houses, filled with all kinds of good things, which you do not have, wells
not gardens, orchards and gardens, which are not linked-and if
whenever and for the purpose,
Be careful, that the sword is not the LORD, who brings you
out of Egypt, from the house of slavery.
Do not swallow is God! Speak, tell, reflect, ponder over and over
remember Gods favor.
EliaPaulAng in InspirativePowerMinistry.


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